It wasn't until after I'd adopted our poochie (read up on Relay's story) that I started to do some serious research on dogs. I began reading books on training, learning more about various diets, and eventually all about dog overpopulation. I know that by simply choosing to adopt a dog instead of purchasing one and having him neutered, I had already helped do my part, but I was still compelled to do more.

So, Jeff and I talked it over and decided that when Relay reached his approximate one year birthday we would start fostering. Thus the blog was born. I not only wanted to chronicle our journey, but be able to provide useful information to other dog owners, and promote the dogs in our care to help them find the perfect families.

As I try to blog, post updates on facebook, and tweet, I am learning more and more about how to get involved, and get the word out. "Saving one dog won't change the world; but it will change to the world for that one dog." That's what we're trying to do. One dog at time.

Contact us via email at admin@poochieproject.com


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