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Happy Gotcha Day, Relay

A great family trip

Our trip to Amherst, VA was amazing.

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A DIY project your pups will love.

Set up an email alert for your perfect pet

Use Adopt-a-pet's search saver to let you know when your right pet needs a home.

Let's here it for the boy

I was so happy and incredibly proud.

We do it for all the smiling faces

Dog overpopulation is growing problem in the US and I'm trying to find my way to help.

How Relay became ours

Every dog has a story, and this is how our perfect pound pup came home.

An easy treat

Find directions on how to make one of Relay's favorite treats.

March 26, 2012

Amherst brings good weather and great news

Having a blast at this great B&B on the second leg of our short trip. Today we went for a hike up Crabtree  falls and then off for some wine tastings.

Even better? I just listened to a wonderful voicemail which told me or boy Harley got adopted!

March 24, 2012

A quick reset

The timing is pretty great. We are taking a mini vacation that was much needed. Poor Relay got so sad after all his friends left, and we all needed a break after our first round of fosters.
Our first stop is in DC just in time for the cherry blossom to come in bloom. Granted we spent more time trying to find parking than walking around, but it was beautiful none the less.

March 20, 2012

Fingers crossed

Quite a lot has been going on and I had a hard time keeping up with it all.

Good news, however... I think. Holly had her adoption event at Petco, and a very nice family liked her and a puppy that were there. The family submitted applications for both, the home check is complete, and now the group is waiting on a a last meet and greet, contracts, and payment. If all goes well, Holly is just about adopted.

I had a nice long conversation with the perspective owner on the phone. And by long, I mean hour and a half. The great thing is she was just as interested in making sure that Holly would be a good fit, and we talked about the good and the bad. Of course sweet little Holly won them over.

On the Harley front, well, I called up my foster coordinator who says she is going through all the applications, and after vet checks, phone calls, and home visits thinks Harley may soon have his new home as well.

We'll be traveling shortly, and if everything plays out, it looks like both dogs will get adopted before we even get chance to meet up with the new families and say goodbye. Obviously, I have no control over the situation, but for a sense of closure I would like to see the big happy families at least once.

March 14, 2012

Book Review: Dr. Sophia Yin's How to Greet a Dog

Every family should read How to Greet a Dog and What to Avoid.

This is a great resource with clear and engaging images that depict a variety of scenarios. It clearly states all the do's and don't's with approaching a dog and explains the why in a way that children can comprehend.

I initially got this book as a crash course for my nephew and admit without shame that I learned a few things myself.  It is just eight simple lessons, so the book is short enough to keep a young child's attention; however, the book uses a few more complex words that maybe a little tough for a child to read on their own if they are just starting out.

Currently the ebook is free on Amazon, with a retail of $.99 (check price before checkout). I will be adding more of Dr Yin's books to my reading list.

March 13, 2012

Does this count as create training?

March 10, 2012

The prodigal daughter returns

We couldn't be happier to have Holly back with us. It was a late night celebration, with Relay being the most excited in the bunch. For the pups it was as if no time had passed, and it was all play, play, play.

To make a special occasion of it, we decided to have a slumber party. I manned the couch, and Jeff braved an inflatable bed with the dog beds strewn around. Of course the night was a blast for the poochies, all of whom vied for the best spot, playing musical chairs with the sleeping area. Holly spent half the night tucked up under Jeff's arm, and the other half draped over my neck. Relay moved from one bed to another and at one point argued with Finn (a house guest) about who got to go at my feet on the couch. Harley unaccustomed to any soft surface, was in heaven, but liked the bed next to Jeff the best.

Is this part of our normal routine. Oh my goodness, no. I'd never get any rest. But the gang loved it, looking more refreshed and feisty then I've seen them in a long while. The boys have been chasing, chewing, and pulling all morning. As for the little princess, she is snuggled up sweetly between Jeff and I. Right where she should be.

March 9, 2012

Harley Speaks

I think I have figured out all of Harley's triggers.

If you are inside and the windows are closed, he will bark at the doorbell.
If you are inside and the windows are open, he will bark at passing dogs.
If you are outside and he is on a leash, he will dance around if he sees a bike or bus.
If you are outside in a privacy fence, he will bark when he hears someone approach.
If you are outside in any other fence, he will bark at the following:
      Any passing diesel engine, bikes, skateboards, joggers.

The good news is, he can easily be distracted if you call him. Harley will prefer a good petting over a chase. If you hold him he will stay and calm down quickly. But on the other side of the argument, him running around like a nut will burn out his energy. Or just bring him to parks that are off a main road. ; )

Don't forget to check out the rest of Harley's videos on Youtube.

March 7, 2012

Harley needing to be spoiled

It is so hard to understand dogs when they can't explain their background.

Harley can be shy around strangers. Does that relate a personality quirk, or did something in his past teach him to be that way? He is always by your side. Is that the herding instinct, or is he afraid to be abandoned? Harley is always looking to be pet. Was he deprived of attention or was he accustomed to always having it?

What has me wondering more than anything is his aversion of furniture. Maybe Jeff and I are too trusting with the leather couches, but I personally think there is nothing better than a pup warming your lap. Harley is very hesitant to even lay on a dog bed. And the couch? Never. He is always on the floor by your feet or laying next to Relay's preferred bed.

I know you shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken, but I was curious. I picked up Harley and set him on the couch. Poor thing looked like he was waiting for something terrible to happen. After I pet him to say it was ok, it took a few minutes before he started to relax. He crawled across to me and started to burry his head into my side. I pet him some more. A noise outside had him up and running to the front room. When he was done investigating, he made no attempt to get back on the couch (possibly because Relay had taken his spot), but lay back on the floor.

I won't try and teach him to jump up onto furniture, just in case his future family doesn't allow that, but I need to show Harley some more special treatment. He seems to me like a pup that needs to be spoiled.

March 5, 2012

I miss Holly

Only on rare occasions would Holly lick, but she had this way of sniffing and snorting around your face to show her love. I miss that feeling that.

Holly was incapable of finding a comfortable snuggling position on her own. She would climb up by you and get into these odd shapes, bent and trying to brace herself. I miss laughing at her silliness.

There were times that Relay would just antagonize her into play and other times I'd catch him nuzzling and licking her face. Holly would always look for him and if they were napping, snacking, or playing with toys, she wanted to be right by his side. I miss seeing how they bonded.


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