March 5, 2012

I miss Holly

Only on rare occasions would Holly lick, but she had this way of sniffing and snorting around your face to show her love. I miss that feeling that.

Holly was incapable of finding a comfortable snuggling position on her own. She would climb up by you and get into these odd shapes, bent and trying to brace herself. I miss laughing at her silliness.

There were times that Relay would just antagonize her into play and other times I'd catch him nuzzling and licking her face. Holly would always look for him and if they were napping, snacking, or playing with toys, she wanted to be right by his side. I miss seeing how they bonded.


What happened to Holly, was she adopted? Interested, please reply, thanks!

Holly was not adopted, we had some differences of opinion with the rescue group, which have been put aside for the time being. She is back with us now, but will be headed to BTTR on Friday to attend her Saturday Petco event. We hope to have her back after that.

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