Happy Tails

Smokey was picked up by the Collie & Shelie Rescue from the local SPCA, where true to breed he was not adapting well at all. This pup needed love, time and patience... but most of all a better diet. In no time he was looking great and his personality began to shine through. And that quickly he found a forever home. In February 2013, I was thrilled to meet the adoptive family and am sure he could not have found a more loving home.

Trixie was actually the first foster that we picked out from a shelter. She was a stray, but had the sweetest personality and softest ears I've ever felt. We immediately had problems with her chewing and I had to reassess my strategy. Before we could find her perfect home, we had to shuffle this foster to another volunteer when Relay got hurt. Over our foster dog break we kept tabs on Miss Trixie, promoting her until she found her forever family in January 2013.

Boots came to us as the sweetest kitty on earth, and I am certain still holds the title. Although we were devastated when we lost her sister, Socks we were determined to find her a good home. And for a good minute we toyed with the idea of making that home with us. She just seemed a perfect fit. Thankfully we found the next best thing in December of 2012 when a good friend of mine fell in love with all the facebook photos. Now named Luna, she is living the good life with her brother Zeno and clearly making herself comfortable with the family.

Max was an owner surrender who fit into our household immediately. All spunk and love, Mr Fabulous lived up to the nickname. One of Jeff's favorite shelties the two of them were inseparable. Unfortunately, when Relay became injured, we had to return him to the rescue. Just in time for the Collie Sheltie annual picnic. In November of 2012, Maximus was snatched up by a loving family. His days are now spent running around the grass all day with his golden retriever sister and spending all night as a beloved lap dog.

This little rescue from Mexico was our on again and off again foster. As often as our friend Mary changed her mind as to whether or not she could keep him, he also changed names. Going from Iso to Little One to finally Miso. And with that decision came another. By October 2012, he had firmly planted his place into her heart, and is happily keeping his sister Izzy busy. 

Relay found his best friend in a very handsome beagle, Elmer. Our very first foster with K9 Justice League was an all around good boy, sweet, happy, loved to snuggle and too cute. From early on the two boys were inseparable. Elmer caused us a mini heart attack sneaking out the yard, but worse still is the little heartbreak when we heard that he was to be adopted. We got over that quickly when we met his adoptive family in August 2012 and knew that he was going to be just fine. 

Ruby, our stunning, dainty little flower, only briefly stayed with us here at Casa de Relay. Our second with CSRSEVA, she was really just the sweetest little dear, and it was of no surprise that in May of 2012 she was immediately swooped up into a loving family. And an absolutely perfect couple, may I add, who we had the pleasure of meeting. Ruby is doing great, having play dates with all the other shelties in the extended family and is just as devoted to her new parents as they are to her.

Harley was our second foster, our first shetlie who came to us from CSRSEVA. He was a turn in to the pound, but that just wasn't the right place for our boy. Immediately after leaving that environment he became a completely different dog. Harley proved himself to be a dog owner's dream, but it wasn't until he got some extra attention and love that he really opened up. Not without quirks, Harley was very vocal at the park at any passing truck or kid on a skateboard. In April of 2012, Harley found his perfect home with a wonderful couple we had the pleasure of meeting. He is now happily settled with his sister Eva, and getting into mischief with the house cats.


Holly was our very first foster who we picked up from BTTR. From the beginning she and Relay were perfect together, and always had to be close. She is an expert cuddler and quickly picked up the nickname "Baby Girl."She fit in beautifully in our home, and was a special favorite at the local dog parks. Our little one had some big problems with both crate training and potty training, but thankfully she was just too sweet to ever stay mad at. She had so many special quirks that just made us love her all the more. Holly was successfully adopted in April 2012 is living in her new home with another beagle rescue. Holly will always have a special place in our hearts, our first was hard to let go, and though we haven't met her family wish her all the best.

Helping out when we can:
Here at Relay's house we also had the pleasure of a few a few fosters who we helped along the way, but did not see all the way through to adoption.
Without much convincing we took in a set of puppies from the pound. First came Nutella, and days later Cookie. The weeks flew by (despite being in a constant state of cleaning up messes) and both ladies found homes immediately in March of 2013.
Murphy, a big hound mix is also a big baby, hung out with us while his fosters were on vacation. He was adopted by a family in October 2012.
Dude the golden doodle was a counter surfing champion who was returned to his breeder in July 2012 with aspirations of becoming a service dog.
Pink was our first foster kitten and oh my goodness did this little lady give us an adventure. In June 2012 she was big enough to get her spay and was adopted from the pound during Kitty Palooza.

The Rainbow Bridge:
Sometimes our friends just leave us a little too soon. Our second set of foster kittens were a pair of sisters. Unfortunately, Socks, a pretty little tuxedo, passed. We miss you sweetie. 


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