December 22, 2012

A rescue story that makes me cry every time

Photo by Peace, Love, and Foster Dogs
I wanted to share a story that touched my heart, and to show that it is never too late to make a difference.

You may have heard us mention Emily a few times before. She is a volunteer with K9 Justice League. One shelter they go to pull at risk dogs, Paws of Hartford County, posted on facebook about Pager, a stray who had been diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer. So that he would not spend the rest of his days there, Emily took Pager in for hospice care.
Emily made a plan to fill up the last bit of Pager's life with as many wonderful experiences as it could hold. They went for walks, car rides, trips to parks and pet stores, even a coffee house, and he got to eat everything his little heart desired. Each day was dedicated to Pager. And at adventures end, they came home to a house of playmates, toys, and comfortable places to sleep. After only 8 days, despite so many other things left to do, Pager decided that it was time to go.
“His story is an important one... to get the word out there that there are... dogs in the shelter that never get to experience love or a home to call their own before they have to be euthanized... So, please think about adopting a dog! Even if you can't adopt, foster. And if you ever get the chance to give a terminally ill dog a home, do it. I'm not a strong person... I'm heartbroken... but I'll never regret my decision... People may say that we changed his life, but I think that he changed ours.”
That very day, to honor Pager's memory, Emily went back to a shelter to pull a new foster dog... they named her Paige. And wouldn't you know, this little girl fit in perfectly. Very quickly, Emily could never think of her going anywhere. "Welcome to forever, Paige." I couldn't imagine a better ending than that.

Read the whole story on Foster Dog Diaries: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." We're so proud to know this incredible person who is touching so many lives and to share one incredible story of love.

Be sure to give your whole family (two and four legged alike) an extra special hug today. And celebrate all those special people that are making a difference every day.


This is such a beautiful story and I am so glad you shared it and linked up for Blog the Change. Not everyone is capable of giving so much in such a short time but I am so glad they were there for Pager when he needed someone. No doubt he will be remembered forever by those he touched. The biggest little life there ever was.

Team BTC

8 days. Some would say those 8 days were a miniscule drop in a very large bucket. I'll bet Pager would say his last 8 days were what made his whole life worth living. Emily has the heart of an angel, one delivering Heaven right here on Earth.

Thank you so much for Blogging the Change and for filling my heart up with your post.

Kim Clune

What a glorious story! Emily is an angel, I'm sure Pager and Paige would attest to that. You bring up important point, in addition to the thought that it's never too late -- hospice care. A friend of mine used to work hospice for humans, and told me once that he'd love to see it for our furry friends. Even more so for those who would otherwise languish in a shelter during their final days.

Thank you for melting my heart, providing inspiration, and blogging the change for animals!
Kim Thomas
Team BtC4A

So beautiful a story. I honor those who take in the dogs who are older and sick and don't have much time left in this world. I can relate to what Emily did. My last dog, Aspen, was left at our shelter looking very, very thin and quite sickly. I suspected she had cancer and her family couldn't stand to say goodbye so they dumped her at a shelter. I also could not stand the thought of her dying in a shelter so I adopted her. I had her for one whole year and believe me, I made sure she had an awesome last year in this world. Best decision I ever made. I suspect Emily would say the same.

Thank you for writing a great story and for encouraging people to adopt, whether it is a sick dog or not. It can be so very rewarding.

Mel Freer
Team BTC

What a wonderful gift Emily gave to Pager giving him love and attention for the last days of his life! She was a brave soul for pulling a dog she knew had terminal cancer - braver still for going back and pulling another dog after Pager passed away. Dog bless her!

Vicki Cook
Team BTC4A

Lovely post for Blog the Change. I'd read this story before and it touched me deeply. Like you, it makes me cry. Truly compassion in action. The best part is that she pulled another dog so quickly. Good for the dog and good for her, too.

Wow - ironic that I just saw this today - 2 months after I had to let Pager go. I read this entry through tears - and same with the comments. I mentioned tonight that I wish I had more time with him... but maybe this was how it was all supposed to be. Maybe if we had more time, I would have never met Paige... and I never would have adopted the fourth addition to my family. Everything happens for a reason. I try to stay true to that. I miss my Pager Boy - but I have to say - that I wouldn't hesitate to say "yes" in a hot second if another hospice dog crossed my path. I'd do it again - ANY DAY - even though it killed me to let Pager go. However, those 8 days that I had with him - I wouldn't trade them for the world. I'd do it again. ANY DAY. <3

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