August 7, 2012

My first pet emergecy

It had just rained. Relay was in the yard with his big buddy, Louie a beautiful and effervescent nine month old Great Dane that was well on his way to becoming the biggest dog I have ever seen. Louie's mom had to run out of town for three days and asked us to watch him. We had let the boys in the yard to use the bathroom in between the showers and called them in from the back porch. Louie was coming bounding up the stairs to the landing when he saw Relay run past in the other direction and turning around, he decided to give chase.

What came next was a cry that made my heart stop. The deck was wet, and Louie was going too fast. Jeff ran to him and held him up off his injured leg while I ran inside. I called Louie's mom and left a message, grabbed some shoes, a large quilt, my phone, wallet, and keys and ran back. Jeff calmly gave orders to prep the car and we carried Louie across the yard and onto the quilt in the back of the car. We road to the emergency vet, me in the back holding that poor boy, soothing as best I could.

In the hours that passed I learned about the bones in a dog's leg, about different types of fractures, x-rays and pain medicines. Getting a hold of Louie's dad I parroted back information. The ER didn't even have a splint big enough for Louie, so he came out to us in a large bandage. While Jeff checked out and was clarifying medications I just laid down in the middle of the floor holding Louie in my arms. Throughout everything, Louie was just so brave.

From the ER we drove to Louie's dad's house. We carried him in, lay him down on a futon and tried to come up with words. I had none.

We drove home. Our neighbor had watched Relay for us, and she invited me into her home. Sat me down on her couch, gave me some tea. I'm not sure what we talked about, but she gave me a sleeping pill. I woke up this morning to Relay at my feet. I don't know if it is for his benefit or mine, but he is not leaving my side. And for the first time through all this, as I sit here writing these words, I'm finally allowing myself to cry.


Oh my goodness! That's a terrible accident - but it is just that, an accident. And I am really impressed with how all of you jumped into action and took care of the situation promptly with a trip to the ER and let Louie's dad know exactly what was going on every step of the way. You handled it all well and kept a cool head for Louie's sake to get him the help he needed. Relay is doing a great job comforting you too!

I can't say it better than Blueberry's human. You both kept cool heads when they were most needed. I'd be happy to have such an excellent caregiver for my dog if I couldn't be with her.

Oh, what a stressful night. :( I hope Louie makes a speedy recovery - accidents never have any rhyme or reason, but he was lucky to be with someone who knew exactly what to do. Big hugs to you!

Thank you everyone for the kind words.

Today Louie is headed to surgery and our thought are with him.

You know, it is hard when a pet is injured because whether they're yours or not, you care deeply about what happens to them. Accidents present themselves, regardless of how prepared we may be. It seems as though you were both calm and level headed and dealt with the situation properly. Louie is lucky to have had such nice people to help him throughout the experience.

We hope Louie is doing better after surgery. Twiggy has had many injuries including displacing her bone in her knee and needing surgery to put a pin in it. She sends lots of love to Louie because she knows just what he is going through! We all send hugs and love to Louie!

Oh, no, poor baby! The upside, these things do heal. Just look at it this way. There are bad things that happen to our dogs that don't "go away so easily". (((hugs)))

Poor pup (and poor you - such stress!). I hope everything is okay!

We spent Saturday with Louie and he is healing well. Silly puppy doesn't know he is supposed to rest in order to get well again. He was so happy to see us he jumping around. Such a great heart these dogs have to only hold onto love.

It sounds like you did all the right things when Louie was hurt. He was lucky to have you taking care of him. I'm glad to hear that he's doing better and I hope he makes a full recovery.

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