August 14, 2012

Quick Tip: Yours and Mine Chicken Salad

We had some fun with the 'Kitchen Sink' dog food, but I wanted to make a meal that would please everyone in the house. So, I tried my hand at a chicken salad. As neither Jeff nor Relay jumps at the chance to eat veggies, I wanted to hide as many as I could in their meal. 

Once again I used what vegitables I had in my fridge at the time: carrots, kale, and green beans. We had a roast chicken that I deboned and shredded and the dressing was a mix of mayonnaise, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and a bit of parsley (sorry to say I was out of yogurt). I did some research online first to ensure everything was pet safe, and surprisingly, this combo is actually very healthy for everyone.
Now Jeff will tell you that I can sometimes be a nut about presentation. For the people, I made a sandwich, piling the chicken salad on some spinach, sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper, and some red pepper aoli with a side of avocado and marinated mozzarella. For the poochies, it became a kibble topper with some extra shredded cheese.

Now what about that taste test? Jeff did not appreciate being tricked into eating 'grass' but he was cynically satisfied. And the pups? I actually didn't get to my camera fast enough to catch a good picture of them eating. So, I will call it a win.

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That looks pretty good - except I would skip the mayo. B has lactose intolerance. I found that out the hard way after giving her a little sliver of cheese.

Isn't it fun cooking and/or baking for dogs? I love it!

Blueberry can't eat cheese? Tragedy. Interestingly enough, I'm becoming lactose intolerant (didn't know it could develop into adulthood) but I am not giving up. I love cheese too much, lol.

Noms? LOL. I'm not surprised you weren't able to catch them in action. I have the same dilemma with my dogs. More so, my camera wouldn't probably be able to catch a clear shot of them because of their extremely fast gobbling.

Huggies and Cheese,


That looks tasty as woof! We're big fans of chicken salad here (though the Daddy and Jeff have similar feelings about "grass") I make mine with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. It adds a nice kick!

We all enjoyed it here, though none as fast as the pups. subsequently, I have no left overs to offer... Sorry guys, lol.

I actually wanted to add Greek yogurt to the dressing, but we had run out; definitely a modification for next time.

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