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August 11, 2013

Preparing for change

Right now I'm in a hotel room in Houston with absolutely no idea where I'll be in 3 months.

When I started this blog it was to help promote the homeless pets in our care and outside of our fostering, I really didn't get into too much of my personal life. Seeing as I've been a terrible blogger these last few months, I might as well offer some sort of explanation.

If in case you didn't know, we're a Navy family. That is until November of this year. Jeff will process out of the military after 10 years of service. I was in for 6 years myself, and just went from sailor to sailor's wife. I kinda just want to go on being a sailor's wife, but my sailor is having none of it. We're in Houston so that he can attend a hiring conference and for the first time the reality of the situation is being driven home.

A new career field means possibly a new location. I've made great friends in Virginia and have a cool part time job. We own a house, and it took me a full year to find rescues and shelters I'm excited to work with. Sell the house, find a new house, settle in, find a job, find new rescues... I'd rather not.

While this is coming to the forefront, in the back of my head is our household. It's current makeup is me, Jeff, and Relay. For the last year we've been trying to bring a baby into the mix. So far no success, but in a way it's almost a relief. No perspective parent is ever sure they're ready. Not like I can ask Relay how he'll feel about the addition. And a really big question: how will that effect fostering?

Because life doesn't wait for you to sort your things out before it hands you more to deal with you can add some family conflict, illness, financial concerns, and weight management onto my plate. Oh and I have a bad hair cut. There, I think that's it.

We'll see how it all unfolds. Wish me luck!


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