January 23, 2012

Quick tip: My favorite homemade treat...Stock Cubes

My puppy loves ice cubes. Hands down the cheapest treat to give a dog. To bring that concept up a notch, this is my favorite homemade dog treat: Stock Cubes.

Here are the precise instructions, so make sure you pay close attention.

First, start off a scrap pile. After any roast chicken meal (here's my favorite) I put all the bones in a plastic bag. I like to cook with a lot of fresh vegetables which have odds and ends that would normally go in the trash. Put them in the bag. Keep this bag in the freezer until it is full. Once it's full, throw it all in a big pot, fill it with water. Boil.

Congrats!! You just made chicken stock. Let cool, strain, and pour into ice cube trays. Once frozen, throw them back in a ziploc bag and feel free to give them to your pet. (Check Relay's tail moving a mile a minute.)

Aren't you surprised you never thought about this yourself? Bones have the protein and calcium, the veggies have the vitamins, and it's all made from things you would have thrown out, so pat yourselves on the back for reusing. Compared to commercial stocks you buy at the store, this does not have all the extra sodium, preservatives, and ingredients you can't pronounce. They are mostly water, so low in calories and fat, you can give them to your pet without worrying about their weight.

Feel free to modify this in any way shape or form. Use what you have in the house. I even like to split the batch in half, and use one for my own cooking (where I can add some salt and spices) for just a touch more flavor than just using water.

**There are some foods you should avoid feeding your pups. Always check with your vet before changing your dog's diet. A good reference for foods harmful for pets is found on VetInfo.com. **

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Ooh! What a brilliant idea! I -am- surprised I never though of this myself. Kudos to you and thanks!

Very smart! Mama makes these for me when she makes a batch of chicken stock but she never thought of keepin the bones an stuff from already cooked foods in the freezer.

Tasty! We have made something a little like this with chicken and ham for Bastille day, chicken broth, chicken chunks, and diced ham frozen into a pupsickle but this is even easier!

urban hounds

OOOOO, can't wait to eat these myself! Thanks for sharing the idea! - P. Dog

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