January 10, 2012


Considering that I have been preparing this project for the last few months, now that I've begun to move with a purpose I'm frustrated that it should all come to a crawl.

I've applied to foster at the following rescues: Collie and Sheltie Rescue, Mid Atlantic Pug, Beagles to the Rescue, Hope for Life Rescue, the local animal controls and SPCA's. Not all at once mind you, but some as far back at October (with the annotation that I would not be ready to foster until my dog had finished puppyhood, eg now). So, I have sent out some "if in case you forgot, I'm ready to foster now" emails. I'm waiting for the representatives to look at my application. I'm waiting for them to contact my vet. I'm waiting for them to call my references. I'm waiting for them to schedule a home visit. And ultimately I'm waiting for them to tell me there is a dog in need. 

I'm waiting.

Patience is a virtue, rescues are all volunteer, they have a lot of applications to go through, etc. I know all that, but it doesn't make this easier. I shudder to think of how much time I waste checking my emails. (Like I needed an excuse to avoid the laundry.) The boys are handling this much better than I. Maybe I should just stick this picture as an attachment to the foster application. If they don't think this is cute, I'm looking for a new rescue.


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