January 27, 2012

Introducing... Holly!

2012-01-26 14.20.52
Relay agrees Holly is as sweet as can be!
It was a bit of a surprise to take her yesterday, but these two just got along so well. Here's the video. They were just play play play and Holly just had the kindest personality. First impression was that she had an abundance of love and was very gentle.

When Rita walked off to get Holly's things, I saw her incredible escape talents as she almost successfully scaled a chain link fence after trying to squeeze around the door. So immediately I can tell you that a wooden, privacy fence is a must.

We actually had a play date scheduled at Mt Trashmore, so off the three of us went. What was apparent was that she had never been on a leash. The entire concept seemed lost on Holly. Thankfully there were two other dogs and Relay there to help show her the way. After a good hour and change of going around the park, she ended the walk like an old pro. When we finished the trek to get some water by the cars, she actually managed to shimmy out of her harness. Escape trick #2. Overall she has plenty of interest in people and pets of all shapes and sizes and her friendly manner was just infectious.

Once we got to my home all spunk came to a halt. I think it was all too much new and she became unsure. Last night and this morning there is a hesitancy and timidity that didn't exist before. Relay keeps trying to engage her in play, but Holly was having none of it. Her comfort zone seems to be in someone's lap. Which tends to make Relay a touch jealous.

Until she gets more comfortable, I don't think we can come up with a good schedule. No accidents in the house, but she has a very small appetite. These things are to be expected. All in all, I think it's going well. I hope to get her to personality to come out soon.

In the mean time, Relay has introduced Holly into the morning nap routine. I can't wait to learn more about this love.


Awwwwww,,,, Relay has a doggie mate. Tew Cute. :)

Hello from Ava, the cute poodle you met at the dog park. We should get to know each other!

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