January 25, 2012

An Update: The Rescue Contenders

A few weeks into this, I'd have thought I'd be just a touch further along. Here's my update we are with our four rescue organizations.

ART: they have my application and I have gotten a call from Susan where we touched base. With my first foster, I was looking to keep the dog around the same size as Relay, but the bulk of the dogs they rescue are the ones in greatest need here in Norfolk, the poochies with a bad rap: pit bulls. I'll wait and see who they want me to look after, and I'm sure that I'll completely fall for the bright eyes and wide mouth grin.

BTTR: A great home visit yesterday with Myra, she called me immediately to tell me there was a momma and two pups needing help. I had all of 14 hours to be excited about that when I called back and they had found another home for the family. There is another female they are looking for a place for, and I will hear more about that later. While I like the organization and the people who work here, the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing.

MAPR: This is by far the most complicated group because they operate over multiple states. I have been in contact with at least four different people, all from different locations. None seem to be able to fit in a home visit, and we're going on our 4th week of rescheduling (last night I got stood up). One odd request is that they require the contract to be notarized, and have a 34 page foster pamphlet. We have to get the vet information ironed out, and of course lure someone over to my home for a check, but I'm still optimistic that this can work out.

CSRSEV: I'm convinced theses people are ghosts. I submitted an application. A month later I sent an email about said application. And now almost another month later I'm still waiting to hear from them. It's odd. They came recommended, they have an active facebook page, but almost no dogs to speak of, and at this point I think no staff either.

So I am left here wondering what my next step is.


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