January 16, 2013

The Best of #BtC4A 1/15

Blog the Change for Animals is a time for pet bloggers to shine and put the spotlight on causes they are passionate about. Life got in the way a bit this time and I could only manage a link to an earlier post. Instead, I decided to show my support in a different way. I made sure to stop by all the submissions this today. Here are my favorite posts (in the order I read them) with links to the article and twitter handle of the authors. If, like me you are trying to play catch up, run down this cheat sheet and be sure to stop by and send them some pet blogging love.

Peggy's Pet Place: Dogs Deserve Better - I know that I've seen them. Dogs that seem perpetually chained to a post or tree. Abandoned and neglected... but not by everyone. There's a group of people determined to help bring these pets into loving homes. And you can be a part of it, too. +Peggy Frezon

NEPA Pets: So you think you want a Parot? - I would almost argue that owning a parrot is more difficult than owning a dog. My father is a bird whisperer so I love this post. Share this with anyone thinking about parrot adoption.

PupLove: Paws on the Shore - I love this concept. All dogs welcome to get some great exercise and socialization and help raise funds for rescue and wonderful animal causes. Makes me want to start one here.

I Sitll Want More Puppies: FOHA: Forty Years of helping animals - One of my go to blogs of course has a must read. Showcasing the impact a great rescue can have, how much it can accomplish, this post inspires us all to join the good fight.

No Dog About It: Help Fight Minnesota Puppy Mills Today - Another of my favorite bloggers, this post is a call to arms! Jeff's home state has an opportunity to help make a huge difference in the lives of countless pets and Mel for one is not going to let it pass.

Cindy Lu's Muse: Puppy Parlor Pet Shop - Not all irresponsible breeding happens on some factory farming scale. This post talks about how abuses are happening right in the back room. Scroll to "What can we do about this?" for your marching orders.

Rescued Insanity: My First Fostering Experience - I got such a kick out of reading the highs and lows with this first kitten foster, having had our own here and felt the same. This is an honest look at the apprehensions of fostering and all the joys that follow.

The Daily Dog Blog: Be the Change by Being Nice -  Utterly fascinating  and just the simplest of ideas... Be nice. This post looks at the mindset of pet hoarders and how a little love can go a long way.

Keep the Tail Wagging: Help Dog Rescue by Changing Attitude - Not a confrontational person, I err on politeness even when I'm not met in kind. But sometimes, making a statement, taking a stand for animals is more important than etiquette. Read this post and feel free to substitute your favorite four letter word. +Kimberly Gauthier

Bringing Up Bella- Saving Satos - Okay, so I don't really agree with some of the wording in this post. It's still a great adoption story, and if we can't look at a topic from all angles, then we can't ever hope to understand it. Besides... Bella is a cutie!

Pixel Blue Eyes: No Tail Left Behind Continued - I was always a fan of a happy tail wag, but had no idea of the possible health complications of tail docking. Let's educate ourselves that there are consequences to cosmetics. +Pixel Blue Eyes

This was a marathon reading session! 60 posts and I don't even know how many hours later... But all for a good cause. Big thanks to Be the Change 4 Animals for hosting, and I'll be sure to get it together for the next go around. And if you haven't read our submission, please do. It really is a beautiful story+Relays House


Thanks for the mention and compiling this great list!

Thank you for including us with all of these amazing posts!!

Thanks for the shout out! I have read all of those posts and have to agree with you, those are all great ones. I would just add your post to the list. I loved it and I think it should be included among the best. :)

You did a great job picking highlights from a huge list of fabulous posts. These are some of my favorites too.

Thank you for including our submission - you've compiled a fantastic list of "the best" here!

I actually had quite a bit of fun with this post, and was happy to give some great blogs and causes just a little extra exposure.

Thank-you for putting all your favourites in one place. I wanted to read some of the Blog 4 Change posts, but there was just so many I was overwhelmed! You've given me a sizeable chunk to look at. Thanks!

 Glad to help. Hope you had fun checking these posts out.

What a great idea to do a roundup! (And I'm flattered that you included my post.) I'm still making my way through them all, slowly but surely... :)

Team BtC4A

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