January 18, 2013

This is a foster blog, right?

Where are the fosters?

When Relay was injured, we had to give up our two foster dogs, Max and Trixie. Because I wasn't being as strict about the bed rest as I needed to be, Relay took a long time to see improvement. To keep him company we had a kitten foster, Boots (really, because we can't help ourselves).

But I have some happy news. All three of these kids found their forever homes! I'm still waiting to see happy adoption shots of the two pups, but because Boots (now called Luna) was adopted by a friend of mine, I can share a little cuteness.

I think it's safe to say that she's settling in just fine.

And a little more happy news. Relay seems like he's getting back to his normal self. I'll still keep an eye on things, but we're going ahead and putting ourselves back on the available list for our rescues... And wouldn't you know it, there's a sheltie that needs some fostering love. More to come on that front here soon.


Oh!!!! A Sheltie!!! Well, of course you need to help that pup!

I miss fostering too, but with three dogs I cannot imagine taking on one more for now.

So glad Relay is on the mend. I want to see that Sheltie when you get him/her!

Just posted pictures, though none were any good. Smokey is just too shy right now, and that dratted cone isn't helping. Another week for him to recover from the neuter, a good grooming, and an abundance of loving might have him on the mend soon.
Sorry you miss fostering, I'm sure that I would, too. Don't forget that you can always be a backup. I know we take travel pretty regularly and often need to find a spot for our fosters. You can keep a weekend dog bed on standby, lol.

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