January 8, 2013

Not a bad first year

My first blogiversary.

The entire things seems a bit surreal. And of course my family thinks that I'm silly. I think they expected this to be a fad that I would go through. [Well, to be fair, I may need to be a bit more diligent about my posts, there are some major revamps that I need to get through (so please be patient during the upcoming 'construcion').] But almost 20,000 views and 100+ posts, I find myself scrolling over to the Happy Tails tab and seeing the actual difference I have made in such a short time. Pets who were scared, untrained, starved for affection are now in warm, loving homes.

It was not a year wasted at all. I am a better person for experiencing all the highs and the lows of fostering. And I am richer for having such great blogging buddies to cheer me on along the way. To my readers, to the pet bloggers, to my friends, and of course to Jeff and Relay... thank you for a terrific year.


Thank you for sharing your stories! They are an encouragement for me - and sometimes it's just nice to know someone else is going through something similar and I feel less alone!

Happy Blogoversary!

Happy blogoversary! As long as there is a mission, no effort is in vain.

Hardly wasted time!! Congratulations and happy blogoversary!

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