Celebrating our beautiful boy's anniversary

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How Relay became ours

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February 19, 2013

Double the pleasure, double the fun

Ahhhhhhh. Things have been going crazy. Smokey got adopted, Jeff got sent the middle east. Relay had another bought of limping and an ear infection. But oh my goodness... puppies. Yes, puppies. 2. Shortly after we got Nutella, the pound called us up with a second displaced little girl. Introducing... Cookie! It is a nut house. But I'll skip all that and just post some great shots taken by my friend Julia. Enjoy!

February 7, 2013

Consider me thankful

As you can well imagine I have my hands full with the baby Nutella, and getting Smokey ready for adoption (yay!). But when Julia asked us to watch her boy, Dante so she could run errands, we were happy to help.

Errands took about an hour... and that is 60 minutes longer than Dante can stay alone. We are talking code red separation anxiety. He must have a person with him at all times. Barking, destruction, sheer panic ensues. Attempts at crate training ended with a broken tooth. This registered therapy dog, ball obsessive, mohawk sporting, rescued bichon has a lot of love and a very large problem.

Despite the 20 some odd dogs that have come through our doors this last year, I seem to be forever surprised. Relay came to us aged three months from the pound. He chewed inappropriately once, had an accident twice, and after that was perfectly behaved. Potty trained, crate trained, no aggression issues, and can be left alone to wander from comfy spot to comfy spot around the house until we get home. And I take that for granted every day.

To the best pup in the world: Thank you, love Mom.

February 2, 2013

7 Things to know about Smokey

1. Smokey is a sock monster. I can walk around the house and find kidnapped socks stashed around the dining room table, by the toy bin, and next to his crate.

2. He hip checks Relay to indicated he's ready to play.

3. If I'm holding the puppy, he can spring straight up in the air a good three feet to get a sniff.

4. Grooming time is one of the best times of the day.

5. He does not believe in personal space when it's petting time.

6. Dogs in TV commercials need to be barked at, passing fire trucks need to be howled at.

and last, but certainly the most exciting...

7. We're meeting up with a potential adopter today! Wish us luck.


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