February 2, 2013

7 Things to know about Smokey

1. Smokey is a sock monster. I can walk around the house and find kidnapped socks stashed around the dining room table, by the toy bin, and next to his crate.

2. He hip checks Relay to indicated he's ready to play.

3. If I'm holding the puppy, he can spring straight up in the air a good three feet to get a sniff.

4. Grooming time is one of the best times of the day.

5. He does not believe in personal space when it's petting time.

6. Dogs in TV commercials need to be barked at, passing fire trucks need to be howled at.

and last, but certainly the most exciting...

7. We're meeting up with a potential adopter today! Wish us luck.


Good luck Smokey! You're very handsome! 

Good luck, Smokey!  So beautiful and what's wrong with a bit of sock thievery?  Woofs from Jeffie, Rudy, and Rosie (who all love socks)

Our fingers & paws are crossed! Good luck Smokey!

Here's to hoping for a new home!  

I am certain someone out there is in need of an expert sock monster!!  :)

Good Luck Smokey!!  You'll make someone a great companion-  I have a croc fiend and don't mind it at all- so I'm sure you'll find someone who feels the same about socks!  

Cutie! I hope he finds a furever home soon. (Our last pup was a sock thief. Luckily she didn't eat or gnaw them, just sucked on them. Yep, she was a sock sucker.)

That's funny... but pretty bizarre, lol.

Thanks for the support! I can easily imagine a croc is made from the same type of plastic used in dog toys.

All signs are looking good! One of our faster adoptions to date.

hahaha it's just so funny to me because he doesn't do anything to them. He just likes to sneak them away.

All the positive thoughts seem to have paid off! I think our boy may have his new home by Saturday! *Happy Dance*

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