January 29, 2013

Introducing... Nutella!

A 3 week old chocolate lab came into my life all of about 10 minutes ago and I really couldn't wait any longer to share the news. I am just gushing!
First off I want to point out how completely rediculous Jeff and I are for naming her Nutella. In total honesty that was the first name we both thought of when we learned that the pound needed a foster. I blame hunger. But whatever, she'll get a new name in about 5 weeks time anyway. That's how long we get this baby. Just old enough to get her spay and be put on the adoption floor.

Secondly, let me point out for all those out there that swear that there are never any puppies in shelters, :-p

Her story is a weird one. A special needs person just brought it home, saying someone outside of a supermarket gave it to her. The mother immediately brought her to the pound. Thankfully, she seems healthy and happy, but normally a puppy should never be separated from her mother at so young an age. I've never had a puppy foster this small before, all she does is squeak, pee, eat, and sleep. And for a few weeks she's all ours. Relay seems intrigued. Smokey seems unsure. I'm sure once Jeff gets home, he'll be in love.


Awww what a cutie!  I am surprised that people think there are not puppies in shelters; we have them coming out of our ears here. Thank you for fostering this sweetie!

You are so lucky...our first pup was a little chocolate lab - Sweet Sally Brown - we got her at 7 weeks, but the face is the same. Enjoy.

EEEEEEEK!!!!  Nutella has a cuteness factor of 100!!!!  Love her name by the way - perfect!

OMD how could you give up that sweet puppy face? Five weeks is just not enough time for a full dose of puppy love

What a sweet little baby!! I love the name :)

She's adorable! And I like her name, I think it's kinda cute! 

Aww, who wouldn't fall in love!

We're all very taken with her. Going to need reminders along the way that she is only here short term. ;-)

Loving this tweet I got from Biscuit (@WestieBiscuit:twitter ) Nutella is a GREAT name for that baby! Smooth and creamy, but inexpensive. A real treat! Arrrooooo!

It is silly and sweet. Just like this girl.

Hahaha. Here I was thinking everyone would hate the name. Thanks!

Any longer than that and we couldn't give her up!

This girl dives head first into her food with gusto. She's an ooweey gooeey mess. Guess we'll keep the name, lol.

Was Sweet Sally Brown solid? I swear this girl is part hedgehog...

We can always spare a little room for cuteness. But seriously, I meet people all the time who say that if they want a puppy, buying one is the only option. grrr

What a sweet baby, but who would abandon a puppy so little? At least he's in great hands now

How freakin' adorable. When you hit the jackpot fostering it is hard to understand why everyone doesn't do it.

OMD - she's adorable! And I LOVE the name. Having had several crazy dogs that I lovingly refer to as "nutbars" I think Nutella is a great name for a dog - especially a chocolate Lab!

It really is fun watching her grow and change every day.

Thank you! She is definitely living up to the name... although Jeff is just calling her 'Pee Monster' too, lol.

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