January 22, 2013

Introducing... Smokey!

Our latest from Collie and Sheltie Rescue comes to us with a very similar backstory as Harley. An owner surrender, this time at Virginia Beach SPCA, Smokey could not cope with the shelter environment. A very sensitive breed, poor thing cowered in the corner and wouldn't let anyone come near. Thankfully they contacted CSREVA before they put him down. And wouldn't you know it, outside of the SPCA he was just your typical dog.

Although Shetland Sheepdogs do come in black and white, I suspect this kid may have a touch of mystery to his makeup. Possibly border collie? He's still beautiful regardless. (You'll be able to see it better when that cone comes off ;-) And he's very much a young pup, they estimate him to be 1-2 years old, so I'm sure he will draw quite a bit of interest.

Smokey spent some time at the Rescue HQ (and by that I mean the home of the woman who runs Collie Sheltie), so we know that he's cat friendly. He's also dog friendly, doesn't mark, and isn't being territorial with his food, toys, or treats. He's crate trained and knows 'sit' which is always a plus. When it's loving time, he's all about it.

Now for the things we need to work on. This pup is definitely skittish. I'm sure it will take a full two weeks to get him comfortable with us.(The cone never helps this process.) He spends much of his time hanging out by the back door or in the front room. Outside he can bark and recently a fire truck went by sirens blazing and we heard Smokey howl back. (Jeff loves a good howl, so he would not consider this a negative.) Biggest logistics issue is that he has no idea how to go up and down stairs. This is a huge problem for us on the second floor. But overall nothing insurmountable that would limit his placement. We'll give him some time to sort it all out and then start some training.


Smokey is beautiful & already knows so much!  Hopefully he will gain the confidence he needs with people soon. 

Oh wow, what a cutie! Hopefully with a little time with you he will conquer his difficulty with stairs. I look forward to reading about his progress with you!

 Well it seems he responds very well to affection. Nothing like a little love to smooth things over.

 Thanks so much for the support! Can't wait to see him open up and get to know this guy better.

What a cutie! I love Shelties! My family owns a few shelties themselves and they were our family dogs as children. 

Awww!!! He's cute! My mother's Sheltie is black and white. I look forward to seeing him in his full glory without his one.

I am so glad they gave him a chance. Yes. This breed has a hard time in a shelter environment. 

I know you are an experienced foster family, but thought I would share my friend Debbie's website - Fearfuldogs.com. If he is skittish then you may find some great tips on her site.

 That's sounds wonderful. I think I had a goldfish won at a fair that lasted all of three months. Your pets were much more glamorous, lol.

Thanks for the tip, and the encouragement. I definitely have a lot of learning to do, even having one foster year under my belt.
Oh, and sorry about that, your comment found it's way to moderation, and it took me a minute to sort out how to get it back. Still figuring this whole comment platform out.

What a cutie!  Smokey is lucky to have found you guys.  I'm sure you'll get him ready & adopted in no time!  

Smokey is so beautiful!  Looking forward to updates about him :-)

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