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June 12, 2013

What's one more?

A few weeks back our neighbor informed us that she had some long work days ahead. Would we be willing to let her (recently rescued pekingese :-) dog, Brucey Bear out during the day? Of course, not a problem. He gets along great with Relay.

Then came the call from NACC. Could we possibly take in a mother and her 5 kittens? Of course, not a problem. Mama does all the hard work and we have a big spare bathroom.

Just a few days later came the call from Collie and Sheltie about a hoarding situation. Did we feel up to taking Kyle? Of course, not a problem. You know how Jeff loves his shelties.

Last week came a text from a friend headed to San Fransisco for a week. Bogey the Puggle needed a place to crash, was that okay? Of course, not a problem. Bogey and Relay love hanging out, it's a hound dog thing.

Not a few days later came a second text from friends desperately trying to get out of town to visit family. Can you take Pudgy and Remmy for a week?  Of course, not a problem. Any chance this Navy family can spend with their kids they should jump at, we can handle a pekepoo and boxer.

Are you guys keeping track? Because I obviously never did. I'm in the middle of 'The Week' and it's a marathon to be sure.Hardest part so far had to be trying to transition the kittens to can food. Mama ate the most of it and made herself sick. EVERYWHERE. Otherwise, we're doing okay. Not a problem. Okay, maybe a little.

June 5, 2013

Introducing... Kyle!

After another trip to the vet to help Collie and Sheltie Rescue for the last sheltie from the hoarding situation and a collie that was an owner surrender (that trip totaling $630), I was cleared to take Kyle home. To hear his back story, check this post out. Isn't that face heartbreaking? 

Well, my days have been filled with s-l-o-w progress. Well, to be perfectly honest I'm not sure that I'm making progress yet. I suppose that is to be expected. He doesn't know what it means to be in a home, how to be around people, how to interact with dogs... He's just overall terrified of the world. So I've been giving him a lot of time to himself. Whether on the back porch, the yard or the kitchen, he could only seem to settle when he was alone. A few problems came up rather quickly. Jeff suspected that he started to urinate on the porch. I began to suspect that he would eat his feces while in the yard. So, now he cannot be unsupervised unless crated. Almost a week into this that is where I am.

We took a step back in building trust with a bath yesterday. He handled the situation like a champ during, but the poor thing was shaking for hours after. He won't take treats and hasn't eaten well. He needed to loose some weight, but I don't want him starving himself. I'll keep trying to make baby steps. On the positive side, Kyle does not have an aggressive bone in his body. He's a sweet boy, just very, very scared.

Now almost demanding as much time is the situation in the bathroom. If you'll remember, we've been hosting a very cute family. The five kittens and mama cat are all perfection, and as of yet all nameless. (Send in suggestions :-) Mama is just a love bug, she lives to be pet, especially on her tummy. Also, not inline with cat stereotypes her favorite pass time is to play with water. 4 of the kittens are inquisitive  sometimes feisty but all around adorable. The last little runt is so far behind in development, Jeff and I take turns making sure that it gets ample feeding time to catch up.


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