June 5, 2013

Introducing... Kyle!

After another trip to the vet to help Collie and Sheltie Rescue for the last sheltie from the hoarding situation and a collie that was an owner surrender (that trip totaling $630), I was cleared to take Kyle home. To hear his back story, check this post out. Isn't that face heartbreaking? 

Well, my days have been filled with s-l-o-w progress. Well, to be perfectly honest I'm not sure that I'm making progress yet. I suppose that is to be expected. He doesn't know what it means to be in a home, how to be around people, how to interact with dogs... He's just overall terrified of the world. So I've been giving him a lot of time to himself. Whether on the back porch, the yard or the kitchen, he could only seem to settle when he was alone. A few problems came up rather quickly. Jeff suspected that he started to urinate on the porch. I began to suspect that he would eat his feces while in the yard. So, now he cannot be unsupervised unless crated. Almost a week into this that is where I am.

We took a step back in building trust with a bath yesterday. He handled the situation like a champ during, but the poor thing was shaking for hours after. He won't take treats and hasn't eaten well. He needed to loose some weight, but I don't want him starving himself. I'll keep trying to make baby steps. On the positive side, Kyle does not have an aggressive bone in his body. He's a sweet boy, just very, very scared.

Now almost demanding as much time is the situation in the bathroom. If you'll remember, we've been hosting a very cute family. The five kittens and mama cat are all perfection, and as of yet all nameless. (Send in suggestions :-) Mama is just a love bug, she lives to be pet, especially on her tummy. Also, not inline with cat stereotypes her favorite pass time is to play with water. 4 of the kittens are inquisitive  sometimes feisty but all around adorable. The last little runt is so far behind in development, Jeff and I take turns making sure that it gets ample feeding time to catch up.


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