February 10, 2012

Quick Tip: Save some time with Adopt-a-Pet Search Saver

One big complaint about rescues and shelters is that people often have a specific dog in mind, and trolling the various organizations can be time consuming. So here's my simple solution: use the internet to do all the leg work for you. Adoptapet.com has a great tool called Search Saver.
* This is what you're looking for
Here's the description:
What is Search Saver?
Our Search Saver feature is all about helping  you fetch your purrr-fect new friend! New pets are added daily and we'll e-mail you when a new pet matching your search is added. Here's how it works:
  1. You select the type of pet you're looking for. You can search for pets by color, breed, sex, size, hair or age.
  2. Type in your e-mail address.
  3. When a pet matching your search is added to the site, we send you an e-mail with a photo and all the info you need to go get your new friend.
It's that easy! You can save up to 15 searches, and you can cancel or change them at any time!

The great thing about this is you can customize it to look for whatever your perfect pet is. You can set how far you'd be willing to travel, qualities you're looking for, and the breed selector not only has all the breeds you could possibly think of, it has a whole lot of extra subcategories like: "Ain't nothin but a hound dog", "Mini Mutts", "Almost a Horse", "Little Fluffy Powedpuffs of Love". Pick as many search criteria as you like. 
I had been on a small, white, fluffy, and puppy kick, so here is an example of one of the emails 

Always remember, adoption is the best option, and for you purists out there, it is estimated that 1 in 4 dogs at your local pound are purebred. But from a Mutt Mama, let me tell you there's nothing better. 


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