February 8, 2012

A day in the life of Miss Holly

When Jeff's alarm clock goes off, he walks over to the front room to let the kiddies out and let them go to the yard. More often then not, the whole bunch is all business first thing in the morning and they quickly come inside. Jeff gets ready for work, and the poochies jump up on the bed and curl up where Jeff had been sleeping to go right back to it.
2012-01-27 13.06.04.jpg

I get out of bed, give each of the pups a kiss which they receive gladly and then roll over back to sleep. It isn't until around eight that I usher them all back out, and this time they are content to stretch and sit in the sun.

I set out breakfast. The pups take turns eating and then wander over to the dog bed that gets the most morning sun. Where Relay sleeps, Holly is not too far away, preferring to prop herself on her big brother.

The morning carries on and they finally start to show signs of life. Holly will pick up whatever toy or snack Relay just dropped, and likes to chew on the home made rope toys that Jeff creates for them. The next time we head outside, the kids finally start to play. Relay antagonizes Holly enough that the two of them chase around the back yard. He tries to show her how to play tug of war, and each day Holly is getting a better handle on it.

Mid day snack time alternates between some of my stock cubes, some of my frozen dog food, or I let them have a little canned food.
2012-01-28 08.46.21-1.jpg
In the afternoon we walk. Sometimes it is just a nice long walk, other times it is to a play date, but more often than not, it is to the local dog park. Here Holly comes alive, meeting new dogs, giving love to all the people.  She is a favorite here with everyone.
2012-01-28 10.42.50.jpg

A few times a week we try and get Holly out of the neighborhood. We jump in the car and head to a pet friendly restaurant, go to a pet store, check out a different dog park, or meet up with other pup pals.
2012-01-26 15.24.18
In the evening we set out dinner at around five, and the two pouchies eat side by side.

There are some more toys pulled out, maybe a few bully sticks or bones gnawed on. We head out to the yard again and make the most of the last bit of sun. Then everyone plops down on the couch. Holly is a much better lap dog then Relay, but there are sometimes where they jockey for the best spot.

We have one last trip to the yard before bed, and if I had filled the day right, they are tuckered out enough to go right to sleep.


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