February 9, 2012

Rigby: A happy ending courtesy of Craigslist

This was Rigby's adoption picture
Rigby had been one of the hundreds of dogs each year to find his way into the Norfolk Animal Control Center. And like all of those poochies, he deserved better. I put up his ad on Craigslist and hoped for the best.

I am incredibly happy to report that Rigby found his home with the wonderful Miss Liza. She writes:

"Every night I come home from work and I'm greeted with a wagging tail and she carries her ball ready to play. Rigby is a complete blessing and a joy to have. She loves to ride in the car with me even if it's to go nowhere :). She sits loyally by my side while I watch tv and when we go to bed she lays on her bed next to mine. If I stir she checks to make sure mom is ok then she goes back to her spot. I couldn't ask for a better companion."

For a little back story, read about my Craigslist Project and 337.


Super Cute!
It's great to see a happy story.
Bless you for saving that animal!

Isn't Rigby great? But Liza was the one who opened her home and her heart. I just help advertise.

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