February 15, 2012

Harley settles in

Harley is no doubt a looker, and I'm sure once we can get his cone off, give him a good grooming, he'll be irresistible. He looks so handsome, I feel like I need to put on some makeup before I walk him ; ) 

Good thing here is he has the personality to match that pretty face. He is eager to please, and gets along well with Relay and Holly (considering they are still a little weary of the cone). I was especially happy with his manners during a play date with Relay's best friend, Izzy. In the yard Harley started to join in on the games, chasing Relay and Holly around the shed.

It will be another week and change before Harley is fully recovered from his neuter surgery. In the mean time he'll be here at the house hanging out with us and going for walks around the neighborhood. Oh, an added bonus: as Jeff put it, "Harley walks like a dream."

I don't think he will be with us long.


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