February 29, 2012


It is odd to hear Jeff talk about how the dogs are adjusting to the daily separation. When owners report behavior problems with pets, a large factor has to do with a dog's boredom. To try to mitigate that we have a whole box of toys, and the dogs get a nice long trip to the dog park to work out all the excess energy.

On a positive note, Holly has figured out how to use pee pads. There was no training here to speak of, Jeff just placed a few pads in the front room, and comes home to find one used. The boys seem to just hold it, and Holly only relieves herself once. Funny that no training seems to have been the best training for her.

Harley has now started to bark and chase along the fence line at any passing diesel engine truck that drives by the park. Taking his cue, Relay has started to bark at strangers passing by the fence. These are behaviors that cause no immediate harm, but that I will have to try and work out of them when I come home.

Other than that, not too bad. There has been no chewing or destroyed furniture, no marking, no signs of fighting. It looks like they just sleep and hang around until Jeff comes home. Thankfully, Jeff has not had long days and generally comes home in the afternoon. Longer than I would like them to be by themselves, but it is good to know that they can survive.


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