January 8, 2012

Did I say Pug or Sheltie, I meant...

I meant to say that I should never take anything for granted.

Neither group has contacted me with respects to needing foster homes. Was it something I said? More likely there aren't any dogs to foster, but I can't help but feel a little cast aside, and more than a little naive to believe that I submit an application and the dog comes delivered the next day with the newspaper.

So... I could wait for a call that may never come or use this initiative to support another rescue in need.  But which one? As if to promote how good a foster brother he will be, Relay was great today at the beach and the dog park. Here's a shot of him sharing a "stick".

I'm looking for any good insight. I feel like a girl without a date on a Saturday night. Seriously, are there any good rescues out there that need a foster family? I really did like the idea of a breed specific organization so that I could do some research before on needs and traits. Is that unrealistic? If not, then... what breed should I try and help next?


Yes! Relay has at least nine breeds in him and is the best dog in the world.

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