January 11, 2012

Revisiting ART and my foster commitment

Back in October I checked out Animal Rescue of Tidewater after some recommendations at the dog park, and checking out a few of their events over the year. We were put in touch with a wonderful woman named Susan who came over spent some time with Relay and answered all of our questions. Not only are they a worthy organization, they are run well, and I like how they handle adoptions, taking the time to make sure the pets and perspective family are a good fit.

So why would I bother looking at other rescues, when I found everything I wanted in them? My hesitation can be summed up with one good looking hound mix. Meet Buddy.

The first time I saw his picture I smiled at how much he looked like my pup. I checked out his profile and the attached video and I really liked him. He was playful, sweet, young, in good health, easy on the eyes, and his foster family had children and another dog in the household, so he would be a perfect fit in anyone's home. He's a wonderful dog.

This wonderful dog is still waiting for his forever family. He's been listed for at least 4 months.

This is where I must admit to being a bit selfish. If my foster dog is a great fit here at the home, I would want him adopted before we get too attached. If my foster dog is not quite the perfect fit, I would want him adopted for his sake and Relay's. Ultimately, if I had wanted to have a dog for the better part of a year I would have adopted one. It is a bit heartless to say that my charity is only a few months strong, but I want to be honest here. Especially as this is my first foster, I want a positive experience so that we can continue to do this over the years to come and save more lives.

So that is my concern in a nut shell. Now this is where I try and psych myself into this.

I'm going to be a good foster parent. I'm going to be the best foster parent. I can do things like sew a little "Adopt Me" bandanna so that he can wear it on walks. I can take plenty of pictures, videos, and keep this blog updated. I can to take the dog to dog parks and promote him like crazy. I can teach the dog manners and tricks to win over anyone and everyone. I can show that dog love, and what it means to no longer be afraid, to feel safe. I can get him adopted.


Thank you for fostering. I use to foster for ART and they are indeed a very well run, caring organization. Susan is wonderful. I fostered 6 dogs for them and each and every one found a fantastic home....eventually. More importantly, it was a forever, perfect home for that particular dog. Please don't get discouraged. You are doing a really great thing.

Thank you so much for the support. I'm so glad to hear from someone who has been here before.

Buddy got adopted. Here's the link to a picture in his new home with his sister Cleao

Buddy's new home

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