January 29, 2012

Holly over her first weekend

It has been a roller coaster. If it feels that way to me, it must be doubly so for the sweet Miss Holly.

2012-01-27 15.57.37.jpg 
Since Mt Trashmore we have knocked at least one walk a day. In addition to that there is plenty of yard time every few hours. She has been on her first lunch date, had trips to the dog park, went to a pet store, had her first bath... I'm running her through the gauntlet, with one new experience each day. While there was some unease, she is handling it all like a champ. And I have to say that everyone that has met her has loved her. Holly is a charmer, dainty, and sweet as pie.

Interestingly she flourishes outdoors. She loves, loves, loves the dog park. Meeting new people and dogs, being in a wide open space, that's where she shines. Indoors she is more timid, but that is improving day by day.

One thing she has a problem with is transitioning from one space to another. Not really sure if it is doors, walking past people, or something else, but she takes her time checking things out before feeling comfortable enough to move forward.

This little lady has also worked on new escape skills. After watching me walk through the door in the fence with Relay, Jeff watched her try to follow by digging under the door. Holly's other trick happened last night, where she managed to work her crate door open that had not been latched properly.

My favorite thing about Holly is how she works it when she is out and about. It was so funny to watch her mingle and network. It's as if she know that everyone she meets is a potential home and doesn't miss an opportunity to show herself off. My second favorite thing is her prowess as a cuddler. At home she just wants to settle in next to a warm body and cuddles up so sweetly to me, Jeff, and Relay. Holly is settling in nicely.


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