August 16, 2012

Lessons learned from Elmer and K9JL

With everything else going on, I neglected to mention that Elmer has been adopted! Now known as Alpha (or Alfie for short) we could not be more thrilled about his happily ever after.

Trying to sneak food, looking like a meerkat
From the beginning, Elmer Alfie was a perfect fit in our home. We don't play favorites with our fosters (or at least I don't, Jeff) but I will go on record as saying that this was the easiest fostering that we have done thus far. Not that the scamp didn't get into mischief, but he was simply too cute for his own good, so we could never get upset with him.

We were touched at how he bonded with Relay. The two were inseparable. Alfie was so effervescent and sweet-natured, we all felt great having him around. Just a happy go lucky dog; every day consisted of a great adventure or a great nap. It isn't a wonder we fell in love as fast as we did.

Now, how did our new rescue K9 Justice League rate? Well this time around I vetted the rescue. I looked up reviews, met them at a few adoption events, and most importantly conducted a phone interview with my list of questions to make sure this wouldn't end up in heartache like BTTR. Not only did they put up with all my scrutiny, they encouraged it. K9JL wants all the volunteers, adopters, and shelters they work with to feel like family.

And it really is a family. I have yet to encounter such a sense of community as I have found with the K9JL. Every person that I have met in person and online is just so encouraging, supportive, and welcoming I felt like a rock star. (And if you haven't yet seen the video by Emily, swing by that post and watch. Makes me tear up every time :-)

The group is well run, has a loyal fan base, promotes the heck out of their dogs, and takes care of their volunteers, even when things don't go quite right. 5 stars all around, and I will be adding it to my list of keepers alongside Collie & Sheltie Rescue.

What I'm most greatful for is getting a chance to meet Alfie's new family. I kept it together all the way through the meet until the end when I turned into a complete spaz. Geof and Jon live a touch too far for my taste, but other than that they are perfect and I have to say Alfie looks perfect with them. Don't you love happy endings?


I'm glad that you found a rescue you love! I really like NHCD and so far it's been everything I believe a rescue should be. I am just volunteering right now - I will start helping with phones and putting together gift baskets for new adopters - but I really like this group. They seem very open and honest about their dogs and are very friendly with each other and with me. They shoot straight which I like - I'm not into games or being manipulated.

I hope you continue to enjoy the rescue you work with!

Oh look, everybody's all smiles. Oh wow, I read your story about BTTR. I didn't know that fostering could be so complicated. Anyway, I am glad that it's all in the past and you've finally found a new family where in you could nurture your fostering skills.

Huggies and Cheese,


We really think this group is just the right fit for us, so that gets me excited. With volunteering especially, being happy with an organization makes all the difference in the world. Otherwise, I imagine you would get burned out fast.

HI, great blog, just found you via blog hop!! I too, am a foster mom...the best feeling in the world is when you place them in their furever home. I have two blogs, but is about our most recent rescue/foster, Molly. Stop by and say hello and peek at my other blog too. Thanks for fostering!! val

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