August 22, 2012

Real men snuggle rescues

I'm am the proud wife of an active duty service member who loves a snuggling foster dog. Here's some of the best shots of Jeff and our last foster, Alfie

The inspiration for this post was actually a tweet from our friends at Essentials Enterprise. Just a reminder that I have a pretty great thing going here.

This post is participating in a blog hop. Go forth and enjoy all the great photos today on Wordless Wednesday, a great hop hosted by Blog Paws. 


That's so right!!

Mamma Heartbeat

Glad to hear another great beagle found a good home. Thanks for taking care of him until then.

Christie from

That is just heart melting!!!

Awwwww. Just got here to see this. So glad to be an inspiration. You really do have a good thing going! I love that picture (and the others too especially the top one). ~Lyvonne

These are pretty sweet, hu? That top one is my favorite, too.

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