August 2, 2012

Peas in a Pod

My pup must have a thing for beagles. Just like with Holly, Relay bonded with Elmer immediately. The two of them play together, sleep together, eat together. They chase, they tug, they pounce, they growl. Those two hounds are just so cute together, I'm getting nervous.

I have heard a little rumor that Elmer has a family interested in him. Of course I am not surprised, he is a treasure; and I will be so happy to see him with his forever family. But I am a little worried that these boys bonded a little too well.  

After Holly left, Relay went into a funk. He wasn't interested in most anything for days and he sulked so much that we took a short vacation to bring his mind off things. Maybe the vacation also helped Jeff and I as we loved Holly just as much. 

And we love Elmer. Jeff loves how Elmer cuddles with him every chance he gets, Relays loves having a best friend, and I love just seeing that playful sweetness that brings out the kid in both my boys. 

While we wait for Elmer's happily ever after, we'll continue to make a few more memories of our own.  


Awww - they really love each other! Better than them not getting along I suppose. Sounds like you'll have to take another mini-vacation after Elmer gets adopted! They look really sweet sleeping together like that!

I suppose a vacation isn't a bad treat after every successful adoption ;-) I will be very well traveled, lol.

Very cute pictures! Glad I found your blog!

I know the feeling. In fostering, there's a thin line between foster and family. I hope Relay will eventually understand that most of the doggies who will spend time with him are leaving for a happy place like he has his.

Huggies and Cheese,


Heart. Melting. I love seeing them snuggle together.

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