July 31, 2012

Quick Tip: 'Kitchen Sink' Homemade Dog Food

This is a DIY that is entirely customizable, just the way I like it. 

It is a personal pet peeve of mine to throw out food. I also like to cook, enjoy attempting more homemade projects, and am trying to feed my pup better. Putting that all together, here is the outcome.
Yummy? Well not to me, but the cool thing is that if I wanted to eat this, I could. Every so often I spend one morning making Relay a big batch of "Kitchen Sink" wet food that I split into smaller containers, freeze, and feed to him in addition to his normal diet. It really is a big pile of whatever I have extra or lying around that can be safely fed to dogs. (Here is a great list of safe foods, and foods to avoid). Today's version happened to be the following:

The remains of our latest batch of Homemade Stock Cubes, some extra cooked chicken breast, the remainder of a bag of broccoli slaw, assorted frozen veggies that suffered freezer burn (peas, carrots, kale, green beans), some specialty cheese that we didn't enjoy, parsley, a scoop of dried cranberries, a big spoonful of pumpkin, some cooked brown rice, and two scoops of all natural Nupro Dog Supplement (if in case I'm missing any nutrients.)

This is a great little trick that I use to clear out the fridge and freezer without feeling wasteful. I get the peace of mind knowing that the pups get a little food I know won't get recalled, it is insanely cheaper than store bought canned food, and I would hope a little healthier to boot. **Please note, I am NOT a dog nutritionalist, you should consult your vet before making any changes to your pets' diets.** This is just one of the many ways I feed my dog. I enjoy making Relay food and treats, and each time I make him this wet food it always comes out differently. Last version of this was really cheesy, included fish and some scrambled eggs.

How did the boys like it? I let them have a taste test before I packed it up. Relay prefers his frozen (he really likes to crunch his food), but Elmer, our current foster was gulping it down with gusto. I will add this to my win column.

This is participating in the Tasty Tuesday blog hop.


That looks Tasty as woof! Kolchak would be in there like a dirty shirt trying to get a taste!

If you're going to supplement kibble with home cooked, I might consider a vitamin supplement a couple days a week, as cooked meat lacks some of the essential nutrients and it doesn't have the calcium pups need.

It's our Tasty Tuesday blog hop over at Kol's Notes - all about good food and Tasty Treats. You should join us and add this post to the linky! We'd love to have you :0)


Thank you so much for the invite! I am feeling all sorts of special. I believe I managed to add my link *fingers crossed*, and checking out the other posts on this blog hop, I have some new goodies to tryout :-3

Looks cool, and might be a good kibble topper mix in. That is what we do when we make our own stuff

urban hounds

We love the Tuesday hop! So glad you joined us :0)

Saw your intro on PBU and decided to stop by. Great blog and really timely as I am considering getting back into fostering. Welcome!

Found you on PBU - following now:) WOOF!

We found you on PBU too.

LOL. That home made dog meal reminds me of Yang Chow rice from Chinese restaurants. MMMMMMM... Noms.

Following too.

Huggies and Cheese,


You know I was thinking that it looked like friend rice too! Nothing like so greasy Chinese to get you hungry.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. It's a great welcoming committee on PBU.

So glad you joined the hop! I do this all the time but now I have a name for it! I mostly make Kirby's meals and treats and my vet said all he needed was a good dog multivitamin to round everything out.

We foster for Homeward Bound so I'm gonna start following you - hopefully you can teach me something new!

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