July 14, 2012

The sign of a good breeder (Goodbye, Dude!)

Well that was short lived. Doodle, Dude for short, has left the building.

While his previous owner had rescued his shelties, Dude was a purchase from a breeder.

[Allow me to make a quick comment on this. While I am firmly planted in the "Adopt, Don't Shop" camp, I will make  a case for a responsible, respected, and ethical breeder. A good breeder has a passion for the breed, will take care to produce healthy, well adjusted dogs, and maintains a relationship with all of their pups. Having spoken to the breeder being referenced here, checked out his website, and understanding more about his operation, I am certain that this is a conscientious man with a good heart. Now, I wouldn't trade my $75 pound pup for the best bred $$$ dog he produces, I will appreciate what he is trying to do and give him extra bonus points for being involved in rescue himself, training service dogs, and running an established training and boarding facility.]

Now back to Dude. Once the breeder was aware of the situation Dude's owner found himself in, he immediately asked to have the Golden Doodle returned. The breeder is in a much better position to try to find a good home for Dude and from what I understand, there is a good chance that Dude will be trained as a rescue dog. I can't imagine this counter surfing pup as a seizure detection dog, but a good dog can be trained to do anything I suppose.

So, like Pink, this is a foster that I did not get a chance to see through to adoption, but I have no doubt will find the best home.

If you were interested in trying to adopt Dude from his breeder, please contact Tidewater K9 Academy.


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