July 27, 2012

This is all it takes

I was trying to clean the front room where the dogs spend most of their time, so out they went, with a big bowl of water for about 20 minutes or so. I whistled for everyone to come in and Elmer, our foster did not.

I went into the yard. No Elmer. Just like that, I lost the dog.

During a construction job on our back porch yesterday, a board on the 6ft privacy fence came loose. That little gap was all that it took.

I immediately got into the street and started to call out and whistle, rang a neighbor's bell  to ask for help, called the  rescue to let them know little man had up to a 20 minute lead. I happen to have the best neighbors as one was headed to  his car to drive left, the other to the right. But, it was the third neighbor, trending to his garden who called out before the rescue fleet hit the streets to say he'd seen him sniffing around just three houses over.

I walked down and sure enough, little Elmer came out to greet me. I called the rescue, thanked the neighbors, and went home.

That board has since been nailed back in place.


Whew - how scary! I'm glad everything was okay.

So glad this had a happy ending! And what great neighbors you have!

It was definitely a stressful morning! But I'm happy to have found him so fast, and I definatey have the best neighbors.

This is more or less how Desmond ran away--through a very small gap in our fence thanks to a broken picket. He was chasing after the neighbor's cat. We were lucky, like you, to have had a happy ending. These dogs have no idea how much we worry about them!

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