July 18, 2012


Ohhhhh, we have another hound in the house! You know I have a soft spot for beagles and this little man is just perfect. Elmer is our first foster with our new rescue group K9 Justice League. (So far this group is just terrific and I just feel like a super hero just volunteering for them :-) A North Carolina shelter dog he is about a year old, around 25 pounds, sweet as pie and just too cute.

Our initial take on him is that Elmer is very loving. It took him all of about 5 minutes at the house before he was up in Jeff's lap, snuggling like a pro. Very eager to please, curious, and friendly to both people and dogs he quickly won over Relay, Jeff, and I. Elmer is submissive with people and can be handled easily. He is very playful with Relay and shares toys and soft places to rest. He is just so easy going that I have no qualms about any potential home; he would do great with children and dogs. Crate trained and potty trained, he is working on his sit. I got him with a warning that he is a chewer, but so far we have not had any issues.
And now on to (a few too many) cute pictures!

I like to call this first set, hold the treat up, hold the treat down.
Like any good hound, Elmer is very food motivated. Here he is making sure that he has cleaned up all of his breakfast.
And again, like the typical hound, here he is sniffing everything. While Elmer explored the back yard, Relay just hung out and chewed a stick.

The boys play great together. Chasing, wrestling, playing tug of war, keep away, it's just really nice to see my pup have a buddy. I love this action shot of Relay's classic move: I'm going to put your face in my mouth.
Can you tell I'm excited to have Elmer? This foster is going to be a breeze ( I say jinxing myself.) Problem is, I can see us getting too attached to this one, so, someone please, adopt him soon!


Aw, love it! He looks like he's settled in QUITE well already! Oh... he should know "sit" already. And if you hold the treat right above his head when he's sitting, and say "sit pretty", he'll sit up like a little meerkat! He just learned to do that on command over the weekend, so he's still working on it! Thanks for joining our K9JL crew! Glad to have you!

He's so cute! I have a soft spot for beagles too. Had one as a kid and a beagle was the first dog my hubby and i had together. And it's why we know have our adorable beagle-mix girl. Hope he finds a furever home soon!

He is beautiful. He reminds me of a cross between a beagle and a springer spaniel. I think someone will fall in love with him soon.

Elmer is adorable! I had a beagle growing up. Great dogs!

This dog is already pulling at my heart strings. He is beagle-ish, Elmer sniffs, eats, plays, and bays like a beagle, but his coat is a bit long.

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