July 11, 2012

Counter surfing... it's an art form

When writing about Dude last, I used the phrase "counter surf" and have found that a few people were unfamiliar with that term.

count·er surf·ing

The art or sport of putting ones paws up onto a kitchen counter to have a swipe at any unmanned food; an attempt to sneak a snack.

Now with Dude, he has this down to a science. I had been warned before he came to stay with us, but I was unprepared for the creativity of this sly dog. That spatula that needed cleaning, Dude made sure to help get me started. Jeff and I had a snack in the living room, as he was getting up with the intention of bringing the plate to the kitchen, a streak of white fur pasted first licking the plate before it went. 

Anyone have a super counter surfer at home?


Long ago we had a boxer named Duchess. Nothing on the counter was safe. She once ate the entire top of a pound cake. She would have eaten the rest, but her tongue would not go any deeper into the pan from her angle.

That was so funny, I can totally see my self trying to feed the cake to my husband anyway as a joke. Maybe put a half-hearted frosting job on top with a note that said "the dog ate my housework."

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