December 19, 2012

Relay introduces Boots to laundry day

I'm terrible about laundry. Instead of putting away each load as it comes out of the drier, I make a huge pile on the bed until it is an incredibly daunting task. My procrastination never pays off... that is unless you ask Relay. Without question, his favorite place to take a nap is right smack in the middle. Passing by the bedroom today, I noticed he was not alone. Curled up right on his side, the little kitten easily seemed to find the allure of a big pile of laundry. By the time I grabbed my phone, they had woken up some... but still pretty cute.
you look like you needed help with the laundryJust to prove this is a documented trend, here's the shot from a few weeks back. He just looks so cute when he does this, I'm okay with a few extra hairs on my clothes.

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I bet it is warm in that pile and smells extra good! :)

I don't know anyone that resist a warm pile of laundry. Sometimes I'll even put my blanket in the dryer for a few minutes so it's warm and toasty to cuddle up with and watch TV w/ the pups and hubby.

Extra hairs on the clothes are to be expected around here! Cute pics!
Happy WW!

Those two are peas in a pod :) So cute!!

You mean there's clothing without dog hair??! Adorable photos!

Isn't laundry grand! My peep does the exact same thing with laundry, except that she dumps it on the sofa. I then jump up and dig myself in! You and kitty look great!

Oh, they are just so cute together! Almost can't stand it. :)


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