December 4, 2012

Messes and Successes

Once, while wandering down the aisle of my grocery store, I found some canned pumpkin on sale. Never having much experience with the stuff, I wondered if I was missing out on my new favorite foods. I looked up a pumpkin soup recipe online and it was a complete success... except, as it turned out, I do not actually like pumpkin soup. At all really. And of course I payed no attention that I pulled a recipe that fed 10 people.

Scrambling, I looked over the ingredient list. All dog safe (and in fact pumpkin is great for digestion). I added some chicken stock, brown rice flour, parsley, and vitamin supplement to end up with some on the fly pumpkin cookies for Relay.

He LOVED IT!  Not the first time my home cooking shortfall ended up becoming a supplement to Relay's diet, but easily the most successful. Later on, I found this really cute fire hydrant cookie cutter, and thought to try my hand at the pumpkin cookies a second time, this time with a purpose.

And you know what? It was a complete disaster. Oh my goodness what a mess. The cookie cutter was quickly abandoned and Jeff just started to make balls out of what I can only refer to as slop. Of course, Relay didn't find these as appealing, but I'm sure ate them to be polite.

We are participating in Kol's Notes' Tasty Tuseday Blog Hop. Be sure to stop on by to check out more dog friendly bites and visit some terrific blogs. 


Lol - that's so funny. I've had my share of kitchen disasters with dog treats and only after several attempts have perfected my baking process. Glad Relay was a good sport and ate them anyway! ;)

Glad to see there's another "seat of my pants" cook out there...I was just thinking this morning about what I could do with some baked squash that's sitting in the fridge and not likely to be eaten soon...and of course what had come to mind was trying to turn it into doggie cookies...You've inspired me to give it a try...I'll post the results on Tasty Tuesday soon if they're not too embarrassing

I firmly believe that my dog is my kitchen's saving grace. Hardly anything get's wasted, and more importantly if I ever really mess up, my only silent witness gets rid of all the evidence, lol.

we love pumpkin around here and now have recently started using canned sweet potato, also just as great!

yuki and rocket

Woof! Woof! You'll always have those kitchen disaster Once in a while ... so don't you worry. I LOVE pumpkin treats, its one of my favorite. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Thanks for joining the hop. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

LOL! Never give up! You would be surprized how many recipes end up in my garbage can because Kirby turned up his nose. It's frustrating, that is until I have a winner!

Looks delicious even though it's messy!
Dropped by from the TT blog hop, nice to meet you :)

Well, I have some memories of my first attempts for some culinary delights too LOL My problem typically isn't flavor, just texture (getting things to hold together)

Disasters happen. BOL! My first attempt at the beef & cheese balls was an absolute mess. Sometimes brilliance comes from the ruins of recipe failure. Besides, I bet they still taste good!

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