November 29, 2012

An early Christmas gift

On a thrifting trip with Jeff I found myself rummaging around the wall art. In between simple oil landscapes I found a reprint of a famous painting from the 1920's of a boy with a cowlick and girl with braided curls sitting on a bench watching the sunset with a little hound dog in tow. Although the reprint was a little rough and the frame was down right ugly, I asked Jeff if we could get it. He was immediately dismissive, and I continued, "It could be you, me, and Relay." He made some sort of comment like, "where would it even go?" and I let it alone.

Jump a few weeks later and the hubby nonchalantly hands me a piece of paper. 

Isn't he a stinker? In that short conversation, he made a mental note of the image, did his research, and drew me a copy. (Once again I lament not having a better camera than the one on my phone.) You can view the original work here. He later told me that while working on this project, he just smiled the whole way through. 


He drew that????!!! That's just amazing! Don't worry - this pic looks great and I love that he did that for you!

I am really loving how his talents are developing. Definitely a lucky girl.

That is absolutely gorgeous. What a sweet gift. :)

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