November 4, 2012

Kittens II

Despite being on bed rest, Relay needed a little company. And I'm not sure they come much smaller than these two sweet neonatal kittens. This is our second go around with kittens for Norfolk Animal Care Center, but Pink came to us much further in her development. These babies were maybe 22 days old when we picked them up. Double the fun, half the age. (At least this time I won't lose them under my staircase.)

Relay and Jeff are complete mush when it comes to these little balls of fur. But I suppose I can't blame them, you can't get much cuter than a baby. When they are old enough to get spayed, they will be available for adoption. Until then they will hang out a little with us. And I can regale you with cute pictures. (And two bonus videos of unsuccessful nursing.) Enjoy!
OH! and if you can come up with a cute pair of names for these ladies, by all means let me know.


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