November 9, 2012

Collie & Sheltie picnic

One of the activities Relay missed out on while he was on bed rest was the annual Collie and Sheltie picnic. This is the first picnic Jeff and I got to attended and we had a great time. In addition to seeing so many wonderful animals we had fun meeting adopters and volunteers.

Our favorite surprise guest? Our lovely former sheltie foster, Ruby. That beautiful girl is doing wonderfully with your new family. And of course we saw Max who's staying with the rescue until Relay feels better. I'm not sure who was more exited, but there was a love fest between Jeff and Max going on.

Our special contribution (other than my Cuban sandwiches ;-), a custom made pet portrait by Jeff for raffle. It was a very big success and garnered the rescue a couple hundred dollars in donations. While we wait for the perfect picture from the winning family, Jeff completed one other portrait (the model was Tucker, the rescue president's very disguised senior sheltie) for the rescue's 2013 calendar.
With a few dozen fabulous poochies, terrific weather, great grub, and cool prizes, we had fun and were glad to get to know the Collie and Sheltie rescue family better.


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