March 10, 2012

The prodigal daughter returns

We couldn't be happier to have Holly back with us. It was a late night celebration, with Relay being the most excited in the bunch. For the pups it was as if no time had passed, and it was all play, play, play.

To make a special occasion of it, we decided to have a slumber party. I manned the couch, and Jeff braved an inflatable bed with the dog beds strewn around. Of course the night was a blast for the poochies, all of whom vied for the best spot, playing musical chairs with the sleeping area. Holly spent half the night tucked up under Jeff's arm, and the other half draped over my neck. Relay moved from one bed to another and at one point argued with Finn (a house guest) about who got to go at my feet on the couch. Harley unaccustomed to any soft surface, was in heaven, but liked the bed next to Jeff the best.

Is this part of our normal routine. Oh my goodness, no. I'd never get any rest. But the gang loved it, looking more refreshed and feisty then I've seen them in a long while. The boys have been chasing, chewing, and pulling all morning. As for the little princess, she is snuggled up sweetly between Jeff and I. Right where she should be.


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