March 20, 2012

Fingers crossed

Quite a lot has been going on and I had a hard time keeping up with it all.

Good news, however... I think. Holly had her adoption event at Petco, and a very nice family liked her and a puppy that were there. The family submitted applications for both, the home check is complete, and now the group is waiting on a a last meet and greet, contracts, and payment. If all goes well, Holly is just about adopted.

I had a nice long conversation with the perspective owner on the phone. And by long, I mean hour and a half. The great thing is she was just as interested in making sure that Holly would be a good fit, and we talked about the good and the bad. Of course sweet little Holly won them over.

On the Harley front, well, I called up my foster coordinator who says she is going through all the applications, and after vet checks, phone calls, and home visits thinks Harley may soon have his new home as well.

We'll be traveling shortly, and if everything plays out, it looks like both dogs will get adopted before we even get chance to meet up with the new families and say goodbye. Obviously, I have no control over the situation, but for a sense of closure I would like to see the big happy families at least once.


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