March 7, 2012

Harley needing to be spoiled

It is so hard to understand dogs when they can't explain their background.

Harley can be shy around strangers. Does that relate a personality quirk, or did something in his past teach him to be that way? He is always by your side. Is that the herding instinct, or is he afraid to be abandoned? Harley is always looking to be pet. Was he deprived of attention or was he accustomed to always having it?

What has me wondering more than anything is his aversion of furniture. Maybe Jeff and I are too trusting with the leather couches, but I personally think there is nothing better than a pup warming your lap. Harley is very hesitant to even lay on a dog bed. And the couch? Never. He is always on the floor by your feet or laying next to Relay's preferred bed.

I know you shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken, but I was curious. I picked up Harley and set him on the couch. Poor thing looked like he was waiting for something terrible to happen. After I pet him to say it was ok, it took a few minutes before he started to relax. He crawled across to me and started to burry his head into my side. I pet him some more. A noise outside had him up and running to the front room. When he was done investigating, he made no attempt to get back on the couch (possibly because Relay had taken his spot), but lay back on the floor.

I won't try and teach him to jump up onto furniture, just in case his future family doesn't allow that, but I need to show Harley some more special treatment. He seems to me like a pup that needs to be spoiled.


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