October 10, 2012

Foster dog shuffle

Remember when K9JL asked me to babysit Murphy while his foster parents were on vacation? Well, this time I was the one headed out of town. Running up to Jersey for the long weekend, I needed to call in a few favors to watch the pups. For the most part, everything went smoothly.

Returning to Norfolk, my first stop was to pick up Max. Our foster from CSRSEVA lived up to his nickname, 'Fabulous'. He was watched by a volunteer from the rescue and as suspected, he's still perfection. Max learned how to use a doggie door, got along great with everyone and was a wonderful guest. 
Next we went to Mary's house. Relay got to hang out with Izzy and Iso. Well, actually that little dog from Mexico still doesn't have a name. At this point we all just call him Little One. When Jeff went to the Gulf, I took the puppy in, convincing Mary that when you have three dogs in the house, a fourth is no extra trouble. Mary has been struggling with the decision to rehome. When I left for the weekend she was sure that it was best to find him a new family, when I came back she wanted to keep him again.  
As for Relay, when he gets together with Izzy there is always trouble. This time around Relay managed to sprain his leg playing chase in the yard. My poor baby couldn't put any weight down on his hind leg. I was concerned about him playing hard with the bigger dogs and the strain of going up and down the stairs multiple times a day. So, he stayed with Mary and Izzy an extra day to give himself time to mend. 

On the road to pick up Trixie, I got a call from Jessica of K9JL. I mentioned Relay's injury which must have solidified something in her mind, because she recommended that Emily continue to take care of Trixie a little longer. That lovable minx was doing terrific with no destruction to speak of. I hesitated for a minute before agreeing with relief. I'm not sure what Emily is doing differently, but bow to her superior abilities. I do feel guilty that our record with this rescue is 1-2 having successfully fostered Elmer, but having issues with Murphy and now Trixie. There is talk about possibly making the change permanent and finding us a different foster. Of course I would want what is best for Trixie and could use the break. It's just that I would feel like a heel and a little like a failure. We'll see how it unfolds.


I think that's great that your rescue group is ok with moving dogs around and place them where they will do best. Don't feel like a failure! If someone else can handle Trixie, then let them! Of course if I were you, I would pick that new foster's brain to find out what she is doing differently and maybe just file that away in case another dog like Trixie ever comes along again. Some foster people are just better with certain types of dog personalities. And if Trixie is thriving - that's really what is important. :)

I can always count on you for a pep talk!

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