September 10, 2012

Even the dog is allergic to Virginia

In the fall I started getting these bumps; cut to a visit to a dermatologist where she gave me some bizarre clinical name and just told me I was allergic to something in my environment. Very common in Virginia. Honestly, I didn't believe her until I took a few allergy pills, and bam cured. Diagnosed last year, I started to show symptoms again recently. 

A few weeks ago, Jeff started to cough; and cough and cough and cough. He finally went to a doctor, they gave him a few pills and an inhaler. They gave him two possible diagnosis but both with the same root cause. He was allergic, probably to something in the air. Very common in Virginia. After hearing this, he remembered having the same symptoms last fall.

And then Relay. A few weeks ago, we saw him scratching at his ear. We cleaned it and he was back to scratching the next day. We tried ear mite treatment, back to scratching. We stopped by the vet and we were told he had a yeast infection. It was a side affect to an allergic reaction to something in his environment. Very common in Virginia. He gave us a medicated wash and antibacterial drops which was met with moderate success. Gave him a Benadryl, and he's all better.

I find myself at a complete loss just trying to wrap my head around the concept. In the mean time, anyone have any ideas for more natural ways to help our family?


Wow - I had no idea there were so many allergens in Virginia! Gosh - aside from moving I have no idea, aside from staying indoors all the time in a hermetically sealed house.

There must be other Virginians that have beat the allergens with natural means. Hope you find something that works for all of you!

Geeze, I'm allergic toBC, remind me to NEVER visit Virginia! We have all sorts of great info about canine allergies and even some about human allergies. Feel free to give us a woof and we can ask some questions and make some suggestions. Felix has terrible allergies which we treat 100% naturally.

Virginia and the allergies... it's so true. Although I find them more in northern VA than the southwestern part, at least for me. I never had allergies until I spent too much time in NoVA!

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