April 24, 2012

How the other half live

Last week I found myself in the land of cats. I had a great time visiting friends, but have to admit that I was a little nervous about all of the extra roommates. I felt like the apartment belonged to Smokey, Maggie, and Checkers, and apparently no one cleared it with them first about me crashing on the coach. 

I had mentioned before about having grown up without any dogs in my life, but even after having adopted a pet, I still had very, very little exposure with cats. I didn't understand them. What were they running away from at high speeds? What is so fascinating about a cardboard box? Why did they feel that my toes under the blanket were challenging them to a fight? What does that expression mean?????
It was a crash course in feline lifestyles, but I want to say that I did pretty well. If there is only one truth about any living creature it is this: the quickest way to make friends is with food. I made sure to give them their meals a few times, and offered a tasty snack or two. By mid week they all seemed at least to accept having me around. With that came at least one cat sleeping on top of me at night, and during the day requesting belly rubs and behind the ear scratches. 

By the end of the week, I could strongly understand the appeal of cats. They are lower maintenance, higher independence, and beyond fascinating. When I started to pack they were no longer aloof, but loving and interested in what I was up to. Checkers even decided that my packing was entirely for her benefit, and appreciated the nice bed I had made.  She just looked so sweet, that I just packed around her. It was a very good week. 


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