April 18, 2012

Our first 'family' vacation was a huge success

Jeff and I always loved to travel, but once you add a dog to the equation you don't always get to just jump in the car and go. I have to say though, our first trip with Relay went better than I could have asked for.

We saw a great deal for a b&b in Amherst, VA. I contacted the Fairview Bed and Breakfast to verify that they were dog friendly and unfortunately, that was all the preplanning we did.  We just crossed our fingers and drove. When we found the place, I could not believe the views! Nestled in the mountains, we spent the first day simply enjoying to scenery and all the animals on the grounds. The owner, Jennnifer, was so kind and she just fell in love with Relay. He got to run around chasing dogs and peakcocks, trying to play with horses and cows, and exploring the historical house.

Of course, as a courtesy, we had talked to the other guests to make sure they were not inconvenienced or bothered by our boy, and it turns out they were all poochie parents, giving him freedom and affection.

We ate dinner there which was a tremendous "Farm to Table" meal with fresh, local, and organic foods enjoyed in a family style setting. Everyone ended the night simply sitting outside, taking in the stars and the quiet, watching our pup explore.

We started our second day with a wonderful breakfast. After getting some recommendations and directions, we got started on our big day. First stop was to a hiking trail by Crabtree Falls. This is a great medium/low level trail with a 1.7 mile walk to the top. The entire way borders a beautiful waterfall, one of the largest on the east coast. Relay loved it, and even though I'm in terrible shape I had no problems getting to the top. Up there we found another couple who were so taken with our pup, they let him have some of their picnic.

After that, I deserved a little time to unwind. We drove to the nearby Veritas Vineyard, which allowed pets outside. Jeff and Relay walked and lounged, enjoying the hillside views and the lush grounds. There were some people enjoying a picnic, but the boys were happy to just have the sun. And I enjoyed the special treatment inside, more than happy to get some pretty yummy wine tastings.

The whole trip was such fun that we plan to try it again in the future. More importantly, it was great to see that we could have a great time and bring our pup along, too.


I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your first trip. You always learn a lot on the first time around, so I'm sure the next trip will be even better!

Your website is such a help! I'll be sure to update and add many a pet friendly spot here in Virginia.

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