April 15, 2012

Letting go

"I would never be able to foster, I would want to keep them all and be too attached to let them be adopted."

Whenver I mention that I foster dogs, usually something along these lines come up. When I was still with my first fosters, I put on a brave front but really did wonder if I would in fact be heartbroken when it came time for adoption. I am here to report that I did survive.

I will get into the two rescue groups I had worked with a little more in depth in a later post, but I have to thank some pretty terrible interchanges between myself and the head of one of the rescues for toughening me up.

It has been about a month since both Holly and Harley have been adopted. While I have yet to see them happy in their new homes, I did get an opportunity to speak to both adoptive families enough to know that they both found very loving homes.

And that is as simple as it must be. I never allowed myself the luxury of playing "what if" games with either dog. My daily mantra was that these pooches were only staying with us while they waited for their new families to find them. Of course I have moments when I miss the handsome boy or my baby girl, but I am looking forward to doing more good with the next set of fosters.

Those little hearts were just on loan.


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